TECHNE srl has an Accredia Centre (LAT 263) for the calibration of temperature and humidity sensors. In particular, we carry out the certification of hygometers and thermo-hygometers using a high-stability climatic chamber. The chamber generates the moist air mixture required to make a comparison with reference samples placed inside the chamber. These measurements are then saved and automatically imported into the Accredia certificate management and drafting system.


TECHNE makes two direct measurements: air temperature and dew point. Dew point is measured using a cooled mirror placed outside of the climatic chamber. Our service’s special feature is that we sample the moist air mixture that forms on the mirror. This means that we don't place the probe head inside the chamber, but instead outside, and consequently obtain a higher accuracy of measurement.

Hygrometers and thermo-hygrometers need to be calibrated in order to identify the metrological characteristics of the instrument.


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