(Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Energy)
Rev. 1 of 01/06/2023

Established in 2008, over the years TECHNE SRL has developed distinct capabilities to implement activities by consistently pursuing continuous performance improvements in order to guarantee a fast and flexible service, aiming to optimise the performance of industries operating in a wide variety of sectors (petrochemical, automotive, mechanical, etc.).

Besides being certified ISO 9001 since 2009, TECHNE SRL embarked on the Accredia certification process for its calibration laboratories in 2016, which allows the facility to operate in compliance with the UNI CEIEN ISO/IEC 17025 European standard.

In 2019, it was also awarded ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Thus the journey to digitalise and integrate its management systems began.

The use of the web-based software QBM MAVERICK 2.0 and internal software C-TECH, in addition to guaranteeing immediate traceability of system and legislative compliance documentation, has made entire production divisions paperless, thus significantly reducing the impact on the environment, with an estimated decrease in paper consumption of around 600 kg/year.

TECHNE SRL decided in 2022 to adopt the Management System for Energy, complying with standard ISO 50001:2018.
TECHNE SRL is aware that energy sustainability through rationalisation and energy efficiency is a necessary challenge, as energy consumption impacts the environment at a time when climate change is a phenomenon of global interest.
Therefore, TECHNE SRL has set itself a bold target to pursue over the next three years: the adoption of consumption models that minimise waste for the same output and use only selfgenerated renewable energy. This policy represents TECHNE's commitment to its stakeholders, through improving the energy performance of its processes, in order to guarantee the efficient use of resources and reduce environmental impact according to the principles of Sustainable Development, with a view to continuous improvement.

The current policy:
- outlines TECHNE SRL’s vision, core values and beliefs on quality, environment and safety;
- defines the principles of action and results to be achieved;
- expresses the senior management’s commitment to ensuring staff understand the objectives, the results, their responsibilities and the motivations. Specific training and education on management systems have been carried out and planned for this purpose.

Management has made available the necessary human, instrumental, material and economic resources to pursue the improvement objectives as an integral part of its activities and as a strategic commitment to the company's more general aims.

With the current policy, TECHNE SRL undertakes to:
- comply with the applicable legal requirements and other subscribed requirements concerning the environment, health, safety, quality and energy, especially with regard to energy efficiency and energy use and consumption;
- adopt energy monitoring and targeting systems, allowing precise control of consumption and related CO2 emissions through specific indicators;
- integrate energy-saving requirements into supplier relationships in order to support design activities and the purchase of more efficient materials and equipment;
- consider the Integrated Management System (SGI) and its results as an integral part of the corporate strategy;
- continuously improve process performance;
- educate and train workers so that they perform their tasks safely and are aware of their responsibilities with regard to quality, environment and energy by providing the necessary information and resources;
- periodically review the policy itself and the SGI implemented;
- put in place measures to ensure that its suppliers and partner companies also observe the principles set out in the policy;
- define and disseminate the objectives and related implementation programmes within the company.

The Management's objective is to direct the efforts of the entire organisation towards continuous improvement in environmental protection.

Therefore, everyone must adopt a strong sense of accountability:
- to operate in compliance with the laws and regulations in force
- to operate in compliance with and application of the provisions outlined in the SGI documents (control procedures and instructions and other related documentation)
- to prevent non-compliance
- to achieve the set objectives and targets.

The directions taken are:
- First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, which is guaranteed through actions for technological and workplace improvement, specific and general courses and information meetings in which Management ensures the involvement and awareness of all personnel.
- The quality of the product and service requested by the customer, in order to meet requirements that become increasingly stringent over time.
- The greatest attention to avoiding unsafe conditions and/or actions in order to maintain the objective of “ZERO INJURIES” as well as through the systematic reporting and analysis of near misses.
- The continuous improvement of the quality and reliability of products/services by ensuring that equipment is continuously certified and state-of-the-art.
- Strict application of all mandatory environmental requirements, commitment to continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution.
- Competitiveness not only in terms of cost but also in terms of product reliability, internal and external health and safety and the assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts.

To achieve the above objectives, TECHNE SRL's Management aims to:
- Reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and energy consumption by optimising the energy performance of its processes. To this end, the organisation has installed photovoltaic panels that contribute to its overall electricity demands.
- Reduce product non-conformities and customer complaints/returns, aiming to zero “re-processing”.
- Implement proper management of waste by identifying temporary storage areas and ensuring proper disposal by applying the provisions of Legislative Decree No 152/2006.
- Engage all company personnel, in order to encourage full expression of ideas and proposals in the working environment, following the “COMPANY WORK” policy on a daily basis.
- Develop professional skills at every level.
- Increase the efficiency of operations, production and safety of processes to make them faster, safer and more economical.
- Increase innovation through research, development and automation.

Brescia, 1 June 2023